About me

Hello, I am Cordelle Robertson since you're here let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I created Messages. I am 28 years  old an i live in Florida- point side lol I have been out here for about 10+ years now living the 9 to 5 life , It wasn't working out. Granted they were and are good jobs, I still felt like I wasn't free. A good friend of mine told me when you get tired of being broke only then you will put your self in a position where you would never go back to being broke. The broke I am talking about is check to check living. That was me all day every day and to be honest it worked for me because I never knew what saving my money was really about. That day definitely hit me and when it did it hit hard. Then I thought to myself "what do I like to do?" that was the main question , The answer to that was "I like to express my self through  anything I do". For example, I love cars .. no matter what you say I will always look at them as investments and that's actually the silly side of me because we all know there's no real value in cars, we get them because they look nice. I am a big car guy from American made to Japanese made and can't forget German made! Through all of those I express my self. If it has to do with rims, lights, music and, stickers I am doing it all and I receive a lot of positive vibes whether it is a "it looks nice" or a question of what I do for a living. I decided to take that same energy and use it in a way where I am not only doing it for myself but for others as well!